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Affordable custom websites designed to help your service-based business capture more leads, follow-up in seconds, and win more customers. Talk with an Advisor to learn more.
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If you are not happy with our service for any reason within the first 30 days, let us know and we'll refund your money in full. It's that simple.
What is a LeadSite?

It's not your ordinary website!

LeadSites come with the software, services, and support you need to capture more leads, follow up with leads in seconds, and convert leads in to customers. So you can grow your service business. Your LeadSite will enable you to...
Capture More Leads
Your LeadSite will provide you with more ways to capture leads quickly and efficiently, without taking up your time.
Respond to Leads in Seconds
A LeadSite will help you respond to leads in seconds, even when you're not available, using customizable automation workflows.
Convert Leads into Customers
A LeadSite will help you manage sales opportunities, and track revenue, so you always know the pulse of your business.

Who are LeadSites for?

LeadSites are for service businesses that want a better website - a website designed to capture more leads and win new customers.
Jody Walker, Pro-Leak Solutions, Schomberg, ON
Jody Walker
Pro-Leak Solutions
Schomberg, ON
I can't believe the value these guys provide. I didn't just get a website, I got a complete lead generation system. Not only that, when I need help, I don't have to wait days or weeks to get service, they always get back to me the same day. Wish I had discovered your services sooner!

Capture more leads than ever before - on and off your website.

Most websites provide limited options for consumers to take action, but not your LeadSite. Your LeadSite enables consumers to connect with you the way they want - through phone, web forms, surveys, online appointment scheduling, chat, text, and direct messaging apps. Your LeadSite even comes with tools to capture leads off of your website. Best of all, providing consumers with all these options to contact you, doesn't require any extra time on your part. All of your lead data is stored in a built-in contact manager, so you can act on your leads quickly and easily, no matter where you are.


Follow-up with leads quickly, even when you're not available.

If it takes you longer than 5 minutes to respond to a lead, odds are they are going to move on to their next option - one of your competitors. Your LeadSite comes with the tools you need to respond to leads in seconds, even if you are not available. Can't answer your phone? No problem. Your LeadSite will automatically text the customer to keep the conversation going, until you have an opportunity to call them back. This is just one of the many ways your LeadSite can automatically follow up with leads and customers, so you don't lose opportunities.


Convert leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers.

Managing leads, so you can convert them into customers, is often time consuming and frustrating. Your LeadSite makes managing leads and sales opportunities quick and easy. Track every sales opportunity with automated sales pipelines built right into your LeadSite. When a new lead is captured a new opportunity is created along with the potential sales value, so you can see in real-time how much potential revenue your LeadSite is generating. You even have the option to send invoices and let customers pay online.

Features & Benefits

All the features you need. All the the benefits you want.

Use all the features a LeadSite provides or just the ones you want, the choice is yours. Discover a few of the ways a LeadSite can help you save time and grow your service business.

Custom Website

Get a website custom designed to reflect your business, and built to captures leads and customers.

Forms & Surveys

Create custom forms and surveys to capture and analyze lead and customer information.

Website Chat to Text

Get all the benefits of website chat without having to have a person monitor it.

Appointment Scheduling

Take control of your calendar and let consumers quickly and easily schedule appointments with you online.

Email & SMS Autoresponders

Resond to leads and customers in seconds, even when you're not available, with autoresponders.

Contact Manager

Capture and manage all your lead and customer data in one place, so you can act on it quickly and easily.

Unified Message Inbox

Capture all phone calls, emails, texts and direct messages in one inbox, so you can respond quickly and easily.

Sales Pipelines

Quickly and easily manage sales opportunities with customizable sales pipelines.

Invoicing & Payments

Get paid faster, by invoicing your customers from anywhere, and let them quickly and easily pay online.

One-Click Google Reviews

Quickly and easily get more Google Reviews, so you can improve your SEO and win more customers.

On-Site SEO

We'll keep your LeadSite optimized for search engines, so more consumers can find you on Google.

Call Tracking

Know where every phone call comes from, so you can make smarter marketing decisions.

Dashboard & Reporting

Track your sales opportunities and know your potential revenue at a glance, with dashboard and reporting features.

Marketing Services

Add professional marketing services to your LeadSite anytime you want - SEO, advertising, and content marketing.

Live Support

Need help? LeadSite Advisors are available via phone and email, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST.
Mobile App

Take your business with you in your pocket

Know the pulse of your business wherever you are with our mobile app.
  • Get notified every time a new lead is generated
  • Quickly respond to leads via phone, email and/or text
  • Keep all lead and customer data with you, at all times
  • Request Google Reviews with one-click
  • Manage your appointments on the go
  • Send invoices and collect payments
  • And so much more!

How much does a LeadSite cost?

When you invest in a LeadSite, you're not just getting a website, you're getting the software, services, and support you need to succeed. A LeadSite is an investment that pays for itself.

For businesses that want a simple website designed to generate leads.

  • Custom designed LeadSite
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Up to 10 web pages included
  • One-time fee for each additional web page
  • Professional copywriting
  • On-site SEO setup
  • Ongoing content updates
  • Live phone & email support

For businesses that want an advanced website designed to capture and manage leads.

  • Custom designed LeadSite
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Up to 25 web pages included
  • Add Up to 25 additional web pages for a one-time fee per page
  • Professional copywriting
  • On-site SEO management
  • Monthly maintenance & updates
  • LeadSites platform & mobile app
  • Live phone & email support

For businesses that require more than 50 web pages.

  • Custom designed LeadSite
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Up to 50 web pages included
  • Add additional web pages for a one-time fee per page
  • Professional copywriting
  • On-site SEO management
  • Monthly maintenance & updates
  • LeadSites platform & mobile app
  • Live phone & email upport

A LeadSite can save you hundreds of dollars per month

What separates a LeadSite from an ordinary website is the software, services and support that are included. Nothing comes close to the value a LeadSite provides. See for yourself...

Their Price
Our Price
Leading Provider
Custom Website Design & Development
Website Agency
Monthly Website Maintenance & Updates
Website Agency
On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Forms & Surveys
Survey Monkey
Website Chat
Online Appointment Scheduling
Contact Manager & Sales Pipelines
Reputation Management
Email Marketing & Workflow Automation
2-Way SMS (Text) Marketing
Online Invoicing & Payments
Call Tracking
Unlimited Users & Contacts
$ User/Contact

Getting a LeadSite is easy!

Put your business on the path to more leads and customers in three simple steps...


Talk with an Advisor

Talk with an Advisor to learn if a LeadSite is right for your business. Our Advisors are here to help you, not sell you something you don't need.


Get your LeadSite

When you decide a LeadSite is right for your business, just let us know and we'll begin the process of building your custom LeadSite.


Win more leads & Customers

With your LeadSite up and running, and our on-going support, you'll have everything you need to capture more leads and win new customers.


Do you have questions? We have answers.

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about LeadSites.

How long will it take to launch my LeadSite?

We'll launch your LeadSite in as little as 30 days (sometimes sooner). Depending on the scope of work required, your website may take longer to complete, but most website are completed in 30 to 45 days.

What makes a LeadSite different from other websites?

LeadSites are specifically designed to help service-based businesses capture more leads, follow-up in seconds, and win new customers. We don't just build a website for you. We provide you with the software, services, and support you need to ensure you website is a success. Every LeadSite includes custom design, professional copywriting, on-site SEO, conversion optimization, and website maintenance and updates. Your LeadSite also comes with our suite of integrated marketing and sales apps, which include:

  • Customizable Forms & Surveys
  • Website Chat-To-Text
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Contact Manager & Sales Pipelines
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing & Workflow Automation
  • 2-Way Text Marketing
  • Online Invoicing & Payments
  • Call Tracking
  • And so much more...

No other website service compares to the value a LeadSite provides. Talk with an Advisor to learn about all the features that are included with your LeadSite.

Do I own my LeadSite?

Yes. Your LeadSite is yours to keep after it is paid for in full. All LeadSites require a 24 month term. This enables us to provide you with a custom website and excellent service without any large upfront costs to you. It's important to remember that we do not lock you into any long-term contracts. You can cancel anytime. If you cancel prior to the end of your 24 month term there are no penalties. If you want to cancel our services and keep your website, all you have to do is pay the remaining balance.

How much does a LeadSite cost?

LeadSites start at $299 per month (domain name registration and website hosting are extra) There are no setup fees and you are not locked into long-term commitments.

Can I use my own website hosting?

No. LeadSites are hosted on Amason's industry leading cloud services. Our premium website hosting solution is designed to be fast, reliable and hassle-free. Our hosting includes an SSL certificate so your website is secure, automated backups and versioning incase you ever want to restore an older version of your website, content distribution network (CDN) so you website loads quickly, and so much more. You'll have a hard time finding a better web hosting solution.

Do you build e-commerce website?

No. We do not build e-commerce websites. Our focus is on building lead generation websites for service-based businesses.

Why LeadSites?

3 reasons to choose LeadSites...

No large upfront costs

The cost of a custom lead generation website ranges from $5,000 to over $25,000. A custom LeadSite starts at only $299 per month.

Software is included

If you were to subscribe to the marketing and sales software we include with every LeadSite, it would cost you an extra $900 per month.

Live support

Providing exceptional service is our top priority. We're available by phone and email Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.